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Technology Investment & Financing
  • The Beijing Shengshi Tainuo Equity Investment Central Fund

    The Beijing Shengshi Tainuo Equity Investment Central Fund began with an initially committed capital of RMB 1 Billion. The fund seeks out investment opportunities in the big data analytics, big data platforms and precision marketing sectors.

    Miteno Leasing

    Miteno Leasing deploys capital at its disposal to fund expansion and projects for companies and subsidiaries of Beijing Miteno. Projects in the telecommunications infrastructure, smart city, big data and other areas are funded through Miteno Leasing both upstream and downstream from the relevant subsidiary companies.

    Big Data Operations & Services

    As more Asian markets mature and join the networked world, the future will find a sea of data generated by devices and users. Miteno is investing in developing cutting edge AI tools to leverage Big Data insights across markets all over the world while taking into account regional contexts.