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Financial Services
  • Zhongguancun Bank

    Zhongguancun Bank is a first of its kind financial institution in China. The bank caters to individual clients as also medium, small and micro enterprises involved in technology focused innovative businesses. The bank also uses the best of mobile, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to deliver its services with an edge.

    Koala Credit

    A pioneer in the Chinese credit industry, Koala is an independent third party credit organisation. It offers credit investigations, credit ratings and individual/enterprise credit score services. Koala is a trailblazer in making credit transparency and trust an integral part of the Chinese lending environment.


    The Lakala Group is a leader in financial services technology. Established in 2005, it is the first company to hold a third party payment system license in China. Lakala is among the top 3 service providers in this sector, providing online and offline payment solutions. Lakala provides integrated hardware and software to cover the entire payment chain from end to end.