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The Team

The Team Behind Beijing Miteno's Growth

Mr. Zhang Zhiyong
Chairman, Beijing Miteno
A senior economist and an engineer, Zhang Zhiyong has previously served as Deputy Director of Finance with the Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Co. Ltd, Vice President of the Beijing KEAO High-tech Company (new high-tech enterprise), Vice-Chief Economist of the China Jingye Engineering Co. Ltd, and CEO of the Metallurgical Industry Financial Service Center. He is the Chairman of the Board at Beijing Miteno.
Mr. Yin Hongtao
President, Beijing Miteno
An Aeronautics Engineer by training, Yin Hongtao served various crucial roles with successive Chinese governments. A large part of his work was with the Ministry of Information Industry where he served as Director. He joined Beijing Miteno as President and has lead its growth and successes from the front.
Mr. Cheng Huayi
President, Big Data Division, Beijing Miteno
An alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Cheng Huayi completed his graduation from the computers department of Tsinghua University. He worked with eBay and PayPal before going on to setup Adchina. He was President and CTO with Adchina and also went on to work with Alimama as Vice President. He is currently Vice President at Beijing Miteno.