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About Us

Company Overview

Beijing Miteno Communication Technology Co. Ltd. unifies technologies into intelligent solutions, from information infrastructure, Internet of Things and mobile internet, to big data services and advertising technology. Miteno has evolved from developing, producing and operating information infrastructure, to investing and growing businesses in Big Data, software and artificial intelligence space.
Our investments and capital deployments have brought in a wide variety of companies and businesses into the Miteno fold. With multiple R&D centers across China, an investment center and a technology transfer center in the Bay Area, Beijing Miteno is committed to new ideas that will create the future of technological disruption in the coming decades.
In the next three to five years Beijing Miteno will look to break through key technologies, develop innovative products and foster high-growth projects in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence. By applying the internationally leading Sell-Side Platform (SSP) to the Chinese market, Beijing Miteno will build an open service scenario in the advertising technology space. This will also help create an efficient service model, provide high-quality service experience and bring sustained growth for Chinese enterprises looking to ‘go global’. Beijing Miteno will also look to implement investments for the first phase of equity targets in the high, precise and advanced technical fields such as data analysis platforms and precision marketing services across the world.

Vision & Mission

Beijing Miteno Communications Technology Co. Ltd. has set out to create global technological breakthroughs across sectors and industries in search of the next set of transformational ideas that will drive growth across time and geographies.

Worldwide Presence

We at Beijing Miteno believe that it is information technology that makes the modern world into a global environment and this is what we seek to leverage for our businesses. We are present across time zones all the way from the land of the rising sun to the West Coast of the United States.
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